Critiquing multimedia

Name of Presentation (headline or other identifier) and URL

What are the elements present in this multimedia presentation?

Content Modes:

  1. Text (captions only or paragraphs?): Captions and paragraphs
  2. Still images (how many?): 13
  3. Recorded sound (that is not part of a video) (how many and how long?): yes 4
  4. Moving images (video) (how many and how long?): 4
  5. Graphics (how many and are they interactive?): 36 yes many of them are interactive.
  6. Links (how many?): 4

Content Formats:

  • Video (just write in yes or no) yes
  • Audio+adjacent images yes
  • Audio slideshows yes
  • Interactives yes
  • Other (what would you call this?):

Which piece of this presentation is the most compelling? Why? The pictures are very compelling because it is very interesting to see all the bones of thousand year graveyard and all the things people have been finding.

In general is this a way you like to take in information? Yes it is very easy to navigate and fun to look at. It also keeps you really interested.

What is your overall assessment of this story and how it is presented? Think of other things that might hold your attention – that you learn from without thinking about learning. It is presented in a way that is compelling to the eye. It keeps you well interested and keeps you wanting to learn more. The mixture of text, video, and pictures adjusts to many different interests people may have . It is a fun and thrilling way to learn about information.

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