Boeing’s way to success

 Ethics Boeing

Summary: Boeing has many fields of work. The code of ethics goes through the whole Boeing community. They send out a monthly magazine with these ethics in mind. The main goal of Boeing is to be fair, remain impartial, in an ethical manner. The relationships Boeing has made are very important, one must put the company first at all costs and not create any conflict or engage in activity that would test the company’s honesty and integrity. All employees must follow the core values.


  1. People working together: Boeing’s strength that is highly recognized is the people. Boeing continually learns from each other and shares ideas and knowledge. There are many different activities in the Boeing community and they strive to continue the tradition of working cooperatively on all levels of Boeings fields.
  2. Good corporate citizenships: At Boeing diversity is encouraged they value the skills, strengths, and perspectives of all individuals in the workplace. All people will be included and encouraged to share any ideas to better the workplace. Also in making decisions on ideas for their own work. 
  3. Customer satisfaction: The number one reason for Boeing’s success is through the many satisfied customers. Being flawless is Boeings expectation in employees all their efforts are providing for the customers. They bring full attention to the customers’ requirements and goals. 
  4. Quality: Always improving the quality in all aspects of what Boeing does is a high concern. Their goal is to rank higher than all other company’s in customer, employee, and community satisfaction.

All employees are set to the highest possible standards and any accusations that do not follow these guidelines will not be tolerated. Boeing has created many relationships and trust over the many years of growth. These standards are set to maintain the success, relationships, and honesty Boeing possesses.


Chapter 1 and 2 Kern

The hypnosis of sounds and stories to humans

Kern chapter 1

Summary: News broadcasting in a way that is impactful and intimate with listeners This chapter is all about the different sounds and stories and the way news broadcasting  is communicating there news to draw humans in.

  • Sound on the radio can be very intimate if we listen with just our ears. It is also very nimble in the way it is easy to gather and record sound. We are also very drawn to human voices and connect well. Stories even go way way back we as humans love to hear sound. Sound tells a story. (2) In The Digital Era, Hit Songs aren’t everything
  • Headlines on the radio there is no way to do headlines on the radio to catch people’s attention. We must provide billboards or open’s to help listeners know what’s happening each our on the air. Also each billboard can only be 58second therefore no matter how important or not important the information the radio has it can’t exceed the time. (4)


Success through fairness is key

Kern chapter 2

Summary: This chapter focuses around fairness and the attributes of network reporting. It emphasizes the rules and regulations you must be aware of when broadcasting.

  • Networks coverage must be fair, unbiased, accurate, complete, and honest. This is the NPR Journalist Code of Ethics and Practices. (9)
  • Listeners take pride in recognizing themselves on the air; this is why NPR needs to be inclusive and authentic. For example things they have done or believe in. If people have something to believe in or relate to they are more likely to keep listening. (16)
  • The truth is very important in NPR. One must have the facts, events, and new ideas. For example questioning the attitudes and beliefs of many and getting beyond the norms and stereotypes people portray every day.(16) Instagram Posts, KKK Rallies and other Racial Sensitivities
  • When concerns are towards an individual it is important to represent both sides of the story.(21)
  • Avoiding loaded language is also very important in NPR political activists are great at skewing an argument. This often occurs when individuals are framing a debate or to undermine an argument.
  • Thinking of the effect of a single word may have different effects depending on the listener. A controversial story may have an impact on you as well. 

Analysis:The Fighter Pilot

While analyzing The Fighter Pilot by Kathy Tu, I was captivated and intrigued by the imagery. The clear and crisp flow gave a great picture of the feelings and the experiences of the fighter pilot Mike McGee. The background noise connected to the audio flawlessly.  The natural sounds of the plane and the pilot Mike McGee is what made you feel like you were living in that very moment.  The story was very easy to follow.

It was fast paste but, that’s what connected this audio piece to the listener. Fighter Pilots have to make decisions and follow instructions on the dime the fast speaking paste made the drama feel real.  It was very interesting to hear about this fighter pilots experiences while in combat.  I can’t imagine the stress and fear every day that brings. Mike McGee mentions, “In combat you have to fight and communicate and operate the airplane. Trying to be a part of this formation of two or four airplanes, when everything is usually very violent and you’re grunting and straining against G forces. You were trained to take breaths every three to four seconds, but if you do it to fast you will hyperventilate. So you had to filter what was important and what wasn’t. In our headphones there was a tone of a rattlesnake and that told us they were locking on to us with their best missile system. If it’s a moonless night you can’t see the horizon so it can be very disorienting. There is really no outside reference.” This is just one example of the great experiences Mike McGee shares in this audio.

The story is very interesting in itself but, the natural sounds, narration, and music is what gives you the great clarity and imagery. The only thing that was absent from this story was the use of the reporters voice. This would have made the story not as interesting. It also would have caused disruption in the flow of the narration, natural sound, and music this audio possessed.  The music really added to the flow by providing a nice intro into each new experience. The natural sound of the pilot and the pilots plane throughout the telling of his stories were great and helped you picture what he was going through. The narration is what told the whole story. In analyzing this audio piece without these three components of narration, natural sound, and music, it would have not been as successful or created a imagery as magnificent as it did.