Climate is Changing The World

NorthSouthEastWest: A 360 View of Climate Change

The total contents of the slideshow is obviously the climate change in a 360 degree view through the North, South, East, and West. This also creates an emotional twist, it goes beyond the problem of climate change through the world. People have the opportunity to see how it is effecting us at every corner and  in every aspect of peoples lives.  


This first photo I found interesting because when you first look at it it looks beautiful and peaceful, like paradise. As you engage in the photo more closely you notice its in black and white for a reason. It is creating an emotional side that this paradise has seen better days and its climate is changing to a more dark, foggy, and rainy feel.  The black and white portion of this photo really brings to light the actual change that is happening to this part of the world.



This picture stood out to me because of the lighting, how the sun hits the top of the ice burg compliments the photo really well. It also carries the story that this part of the world is heating up and soon these ice burgs will melt away and it will be a blank canvas of our blue ocean. 



This photo stood out to me the most because it has so much emotion behind it with all the people. To the left you see two me looking at the camera almost frightened by the photographer taking this picture. What first caught my eye in this picture was the dog, you see quickly the dog has not been fed and it’s starving. This creates a sense that the climate is creating a tole on the people and wild life that there is a lack of food. If you look in the back there is a mother and child and three men who seem to be quite cold. This is giving off the emotion that its cold there and there all looking at the photographer like maybe he can help us.  The fact that this photo is black white creates that emotional sadness and feel for these people and this dog that there hungry and the climate is effecting them in drastic ways. 

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