The world of Photo Editing

The world of photo editing is difficult every picture tells a story and creates a visual impact with the audience.

* Readers spend less than three quarters of a second looking at a photograph
* Phot editors reject over thousands of photos to find the one that fits the frame and tells a story and creates a visual impact.
* Phot editors sometimes must turn to phot researchers, theses researchers go to great lengths searching files and libraries for that perfect image to tell the story.
* One uneccesary skill to be a great photo editor is the ability to take pictures
* There are 4 things to look for when photo editing, informational, emotional, graphically appealing, and intimate
* All readers do not have the same taste in pictures
* all editors are different and like different things so pick your editor wisely.
* Photo editors should not edit there own work, because they can get an intimate attraction to there photo. ( this is kinda like writing)
* Photographers love capturing photos in black and white but color works well in many cases as well and sometimes can create a bigger story

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