Coconut water

My pictochart is about coconut water. I find it very interesting how healthy and good for you coconut water actually is. It has plenty of nutrients for your body, that keep you rejuvenated throughout the day. These nutrients include,vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes and growth hormones. It is proven coconut water has more benefits than regular water. Scientists also do more and more studies on coconut water every day, finding new benefits to the human body.


Back Through Time Arcades

So for my project I am doing the history of arcade games, and a story on a serious collector. For one of my stories I will have a slideshow of pictures and the arcade games this collector has. 

1. Shot of full length of arcade room.

2. a closer shot view of all the arcades.

3. Individual shot of Ms. Pacman

4. Individual Shot of Galaga

5. Individual shot of bezerk

6. Individual Shot of Missle Command

7. Individual shot of Q Bert

8.  individual shot of Space Invaders

9. individual shot of Blastroids

10. individual shot of pheonix

11. Lastly a shot of rush the rock

12. Side angle of all the games

13. Angle looking up at all the arcades games

14. side angle from the opposite side

15. a picture of the collector with his games

work, sweat, determination, and drive

LA Fitness a place where people can let go and just work out. It is a place to let out aggression, have fun, and get fit. It has a wonderful atmosphere and many things you can do racquetball, basketball, zumba, and anything else that fits your workout needs. They have a myriad of machines to help you stay fit and even a re energize smoothie bar for when your all done.

This is LA Fitness in Mill Creek a great workout facility in a wonderful community
As you can see here many people workout at LA Fitness and it’s a great facility. Many people said they enjoy the classes they provide there and the men enjoy all the choices of machines to work out with.
David working hard to improve those biceps on the machine
Kym getting ready for her bicycle class to start. The instructor plays music while you ride. She said, ” My favorite thing about LA Fitness are the classes their fun and the instructors are great.”
Dennis on the elliptical getting a hard work out in. He said, ” I used to be on the racquetball court every night until I hurt my back, but I have to stay in shape doing something else until it gets better.
Two friends enjoying a smoothie after a hard work out. These came from the energizer smoothie bar. They provide all different kinds of protein and fresh fruit.
The re energize smoothie bar a refreshing way to end a tough work out. Dennis just ordered a strawberry banana smoothie he mentioned it was his favorite.


A walk through nature in my backyard



Pebbles and a bird trying to find food



A nice stream in my backyard



A lovely bridge over a stream in my back yard



This is the river in between two trees



This is the nearby fence overlooking my apartment



This is actually a tree I thought the bark was really cool



A tree over hanging a bush



Pine cones



A good angle at some rocks


A tree over hanging fences and my yard

Telling stories through photos

Chapter 8 Photo Story

Summary: Photojournalist taking the time to tell stories through photographs in a compelling way. Selecting an approach to catch the eye of the viewers that best fit there story. This chapter talks about trends, headlines, complications, narrative story telling, documentary story telling, and editorial story telling. 

  • Pictures stories sometimes come from the photographers own experiences. Also talking with other people may also give you some good picture story ideas. ( 141)
  • Make sure your pictures add up to your story it is very important. (142)
  • A hook is very important when telling stories with pictures a employee or editor is more likely to use your pictures if it has a good hook. This is also known as a newspeg. (143)
  • A successful layout makes the stories interact with one another and flow. The images act together rather than independently, and create an eye catching, impacting story. (145) 
  • Documentaries is a way for photographers just to share a story they found to be interesting. This is a way for viewers to judge the story for themselves, and the photographer does not state his/her opinion or thoughts. (158)
  • With a photo narrative you don’t know the ending when you begin, the story line helps you determine what photos to put first and which ones to have last. (159)
  • Selecting an approach is very important it is the first step to creating something not good but great. There are three approaches, narrative form, documentary, and editorial. (159)