Back Through Time Arcades Reflection

               Asking the collector which arcade games he would be willing to sell and for how much would be the first question I would ask. With this information I could have created a for sale page that the collector could have used. The ‘for sale’ page would have been well organized, clear, and hopefully productive for David.  Next, watching other presentations made me realize I missed the opportunity to include the audio track on the website. A couple additional factual items would have been really interesting. First, I wonder what his favorite arcade game was either in his collection or when he was a kid and why. This important bit of information would have been interesting to site visitors as well. Overall I had a blast creating the website and I wish I would have allowed more time to include more additional multimedia items to enhance it that much more.

                What I learned in the course was a lot it seemed in such a short amount of time. So I’m going to share what I had the most fun learning. I really enjoyed making the website in general. I never have created a website and it was a great learning experience for me. I love a challenge, but this challenge was fun because I had to figure everything out by myself. I used a website called and it was fairly easy to figure out. It’s just a simple website builder. Next, I had a great feeling of accomplishment as everything started to fall into place. When I deployed the site and it worked and looked pretty cool it was super exciting. Another concept I enjoyed was making my infographic on piktochart. It was really fun finding the statistics on the international arcade museum. The statistics were fun to put together in a graph format.  Showing the top 5 most liked arcade games, and the top 5 gross income arcades. It was very interesting to see that both graphs had the same top 5 arcade games. So this means the top 5 liked arcades, were the same as the top grossing income arcades. I also enjoyed finding the cute arcade game images to put on my infographic to give it the arcade style. Overall it was a fun and a great new experience.

                I will apply these learnings outside the class room for a career or for fun.  Many career opportunities require web knowledge and now I have this experience and knowledge. Also I would like to be a forensic scientist, and they use computers a lot for many different reasons. The career could ask me to use some of these skills and I would be confident performing those skills. For example, taking pictures of the crime scene; I can use what I learned about photography from the class. There are many different ways these skills I learned can help me in the workplace. Overall I learned a lot in this class. I think these are skills I can take with me no matter where I go in life. It feels good that I accomplished so much in this class this semester. I have all these new skills that I didn’t before.



One thought on “Back Through Time Arcades Reflection”

  1. Great Olivia – sounds like it all gave you great confidence. Something that I know you have from athletics, but it is nice to spread your wings.

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