My most recent passion that surfaced is my interest in Forensics. This summer I started watching CSI Miami, most would find it groce with all the crime scenes and dead bodies. I found it quite interesting, just how much time goes into every crime scene to figure out the mystery. Is what drives me to study Forensics further. I am really interested in the Ballistics area of Forensics. Ballistics is the use and studies of fire arms. The wound in a victim can tell alot about what firearm was used to commit the crime. For example, each gun has unique identifying features even if the gun is not left at the crime scene. Each weapon barrel contains different grooves. When the bullet is fired it makes a unique mark on the shell casing. This can be used to determine the make and model of the gun used at the crime scene. Also what is very interesting to me is a lot of the evidence found in the ballistics are of Forensics is used in criminal proceedings and can prove a link between not one but many different crime scenes. This is a recent passion of mine but, after my senior year here at Northwest I plan to go to Seattle University and minor in Forensics and hopefully get a job in Ballistics. This will take more time then I originally wanted in school but, I think having a major in communications and a minor in forensics will look really good on my resume when I apply for my job in this field.