. Everyone has a dream that starts out when there little to be dolphin trainer, a nurse, or even a professional basketball player. As we grew older our dreams became more of a reality. For me my dream was to play sports at the college level. This has been my dream since I can remember in 4th grade. I started playing both volleyball and basketball and never gave up and continued all the way up until high school. I have always had that dream in my head and would do anything and everything to get it in the palm of my hand. High school began and tournaments and competitions became more and more serious. That dream was closer than I have ever imagined. Sending out game film and highlights to nearby schools hoping they would offer me a scholarship for one or both sports made it seem so surreal. My final time in high school for volleyball we went to playoffs and took 8th. As for basketball we went to state and took 7th place, I had the game of my life scoring 16 points in our final game. That was a moment I will never forget, I remember coming out of the locker room and having 4 offers from community colleges and colleges. Unfortunately they were all over two hours away and I couldn’t bear not to see my family very often. So denying offer after offer I received a letter from Northwest University. They offered me a scholarship to come play volleyball. I was ecstatic Northwest was at the top of my list because it was only 45 minutes from my family and I enjoyed the community as well. So my dreams of basketball seemed at this point to be over, but I accomplished the dream of playing college volleyball at an amazing school. After a year at Northwest University playing volleyball, my heart just didn’t seem complete. I found myself going to the gym late at night just to have a basketball in my hand and be able to shoot around. The following year my sophomore year after my second year of volleyball, I decided to go talk to the basketball coach and see if I could give her my highlight video and walk on to the basketball team. She accepted and watched my video and asked if I wanted to come to a practice to see my skills in person and make sure I mesh well with the other players. After a couple days she offered me a spot on the team, it wasn’t until my following year I got offered a scholarship to stay and be a part of the basketball team. I finally had my dream come true. It took a lot of hard work, effort, and determination to get where I am today. The only reason I kept going was because of my family always believing me and giving me the heart and perseverance to keep striving to be the best I can be. Throughout my experience I came to realize you can dream, and that dream will always just be a dream unless you set your mind to it and go after it. I believe dreams come true. Dreams are your heart telling you to go chase after it.