A recent story that drew my attention was about an athlete. A college basketball player by the name of Lauren Hill a 19 year old freshman is fighting a cancerous tumor. The doctors told her she would not live through December. As hard as that was to hear that would not stop her from playing the game she loves. The game was two weeks away when she found out she had a tumor. Not knowing what condition she would be in on game day, she fought every day up until Sunday and was able to play in her game against Hiram College. Despite, experiencing headaches and nausea everyday she played through the pain. Hill practiced her layups every day during practice with her left hand because her right side was too weak to shoot a basketball. She wanted to have one last opportunity to play the games she loves and score. The team practiced a play for weeks to get Hill the ball so she could score the lay in she had been practicing so hard at with her left hand. The stands were crowded with 10,000 people there to support Hill. The 19 year old college basketball player story has inspired a lot of people all over the world many by her courage. Hills, goal was to play in Sunday’s game and raise money and awareness to fight DIPG. She later accomplished her second goal by attending many social media events sharing her message. As far as raising money hill asked colleges to donate #22 jerseys so she could donate them and raise money for others that have cancer. She also launched her own campaign “layup for Lauren”. This campaign was to have people spin around 5 times and shoot a lay in with their off hand. The goal of this was to give others the challenge that Lauren has because of her condition. If you miss the layup you must donate 10 dollars to cancer research. After Hill’s layup in an interview she said “I’ve never felt so good in my entire life”.


Source: “Basketball Player Dying of Cancer Sinks Layup in Inspirational College Debut.” Yahoo Sports. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Nov. 2014.

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