Media and Celebrities

vampire diaries
As I read the article on Alex from Target, it was very unexpected and surprising. This all happened to an ordinary guy simply because some girl thought he was cute. The fact that she tweeted this picture and it had that many re-tweets is remarkable. The world got to see first-hand exactly what social media can do. It can make people famous.
I think there are many ways social media can turn ordinary people into celebrities. For example, Justin Bieber getting famous over Youtube. All he did was post his music and it took one person to notice his talent and good looks and make him a star. I also was watching the Vampire Diaries interviews they had after one of there shows aired with all the cast present. The audience actually asked them the question, “what advice do you have for the people in the audience who want to be famous actors like you?” Their responses were just ordinary like anyone else. They simply said sometimes you get lucky. The answer no just simply means not yet and to keep trying. One actor in particular Ian somerhalder said, “You really just have to keep trying and have confidence in yourself. I blew one of my additions but I kept trying and asked for a retake because I knew I could have done better.” I think the cast answered that question from the audience amazing. People watching could really relate just because they all had their fair share of no and getting turned down , but one day someone said yes and they got lucky.

The moral of my blog today is just to keep trying and never give up who knows one day someone could say yes and you could be famous. Maybe you could be an extra on Vampire Diaries.

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