The Dream



The personal project that I am most proud of while being in college, would be my This I Believe project I did last semester.  It was fun to create but, also meant a lot to me as well.  We were asked as a class to make a video with pictures, and audio to illustrate what we believe most in.  The title of my video was, Dreams Really Do Come True.

I believe that everyone has a dream when your little, to be a firefighter, a nurse, or even a princess.  As we grow older are dreams sometimes turn into reality. My dream was to play sports at the college level. I played sports all my life since the fourth grade, up until High school. I never stopped believing In myself to play college sports.  I sent out my highlight video and game film to all the nearby colleges. I denied offer after offer until receiving a call from the head volleyball coach of Northwest. Northwest was at the top of my list so of course I said yes right away. This was one of the most exciting moments of my life; although my time of playing basketball was coming to an end I received an amazing opportunity to play college volleyball. After a year passed without basketball my life just did not seem complete. So after volleyball ended the following year I walked on to the basketball team. Believe it or not I made the team and my college life consisted of playing both volleyball and basketball for four years.  I finally had my dream come true; it took a lot of hard work and determination to get where I am today. The reason I never gave up was because of my family. They always believed in me, and gave me the heart and perseverance to keep going.

The reason this project meant so much to me was because, it was more than a project I got to wright about my dreams that came true. I figure not very many people follow their dreams and actually make it into reality. It was a great feeling writing about such an amazing memory that I will never forget for the rest of my life.


Link to video:

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